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First Mortgage

Make memories, not high mortgage payments
Your credit union can help you purchase your next home with a fixed or adjustable rate first mortgage. Choose from Conventional or FHA at a variety of terms. Various interest-only options are also available and we offer refinances. There’s even a special program for qualified first-time homebuyers!

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Fixed Rate Second Mortgage

Get the funds you need from your own home

These loans allow you to utilize the equity in your home to pay off high-interest debt, take a vacation, pay for college, and more. The locked interest rate and fixed payments make financial planning easy.

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Mini Mortgage

Pay off your home sooner

Pay off your existing mortgage faster with a refinanced Mini Mortgage.  We offer a 5, 7, or 10-year option, so you can own your home outright sooner than with a traditional 1st Mortgage. With our competitive interest rates and flexible terms, your home is paid off quicker than you thought with an easy process done with our experts.

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Home Equity Line of Credit

Use your greatest asset to fund your biggest dream
We make it easy to use the equity in your home to take a vacation, pay off high interest debt, send your child to college and more. A HELOC is the perfect option for additional cash, anytime.

More stable rate: Our rate is based on the Wall Street Journal Prime Rate, so our HELOC can save you money over the life of your loan. With your line of credit, you will receive an 8-year draw period, and a 10-year payback period.

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Buying & Refinancing Mortgages

Aurora Federal Credit Union offers a full range of mortgage services. Whether you’re purchasing your first home, buying a second property or refinancing your current mortgage, contact a Loan Officer to get started!

Mortgage Types:
Both fixed and adjustable rate mortgage loans are available. We also finance both first and second mortgages.

Get pre-approved!
We’ll make sure you’re approved so that when you’re ready to make an offer, your loan will be ready to go, so your bid will be more attractive to sellers.

For more information, click here.

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First Time Homebuyers Program

Celebrate the dream you’ve worked for
This flexible program allows first time buyers to finance up to 100% of the home’s appraised value — perfect for buyers who cannot afford a down payment. Uses a Collateralized Savings Account rather than PMI. Loans have a fixed interest rate, and terms up to 30 years are available.

If you would like more information contact a Loan Officer at loans@auroracu.com or 303-755-2572.

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Centennial Lending

Aurora Federal Credit Union has been a longtime partner and part-owner of Centennial Lending, a Credit Union Service Organization, in order to meet our members’ evolving residential and commercial lending needs. Together, we provide the knowledge, experience, and products to get you in the home of your dreams. Whatever your mortgage lending goals are, AFCU and Centennial Lending can make it happen with experienced loan officers and local loan decisions.

See a Loan Officer for more information about any of the loans at Aurora Federal Credit Union.

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