Aurora Federal Credit Union

Credit and Debit Cards with Low Rates

Aurora Federal Credit Union offers convenient debit and credit cards that offer competitive rates as well as rewards programs.

Debit Cards

Enjoy a FREE Aurora Federal Credit Union VISA Debit Card with an Advantage Checking Account. You can access your account at over 25,000 ATMs nationwide and anywhere VISA is accepted. You'll automatically earn ScoreCard Bonus Points.

Credit Cards

Take advantage of our low, fixed interest rate VISA Platinum Credit Card. Enjoy no annual fees and no fees for balance transfers or cash advances.

Your AFCU Platinum Visa Credit Card includes exclusive privileges such as Concierge Services and Travel Accident Insurance. Click on the links to learn more.

Travelling with Your Credit or Debit Card?

Do you have upcoming travel plans? Be sure to let the Credit Union know to ensure your credit and debit cards work properly. If you let us know of your plans, we can make the necessary changes to ensure your credit and debit cards work like normal. Send us a message in Virtual Branch with your travel dates and destinations or contact a Member Service Representative at 303-755-2572 to let us know.

ScoreCard Bonus Points ScoreCard

Your new debit card is automatically enrolled in the Scorecard Bonus Point program. Scorecard bonus points are earned with every use your AFCU Debit or Credit Card. Earn 1 point for every dollar spent with the VISA Platinum Credit Card and 1 point for every two dollars spent with the VISA Debit Card on signature based transactions.

CO-OP ATM Network

The CO-OP ATM Network is the largest credit union-only ATM network in the country. Enjoy access to over 28,000 FREE ATMS in the United States and over 800,000 worldwide. These ATMs are also located in 5,500 7-Eleven stores across the United States and Canada.

Credit Tips

Using Credit Wisely
Be cautious of "pre-approved credit card" junk mail! Find out more about the interest rate, annual fees, late charges, and other charges that may apply. Avoid any that do not provide clear terms.

Protect against fraud and identity theft

Keep account numbers, expiration dates, and phone numbers in a safe place so that you are prepared to report a loss quickly

Never give out your card number over the phone unless you have requested to do so by an entity that you know and trust

Report questionable charges immediately and in writing to guarantee your rights

Destroy incorrect receipts, and never sign a blank receipt


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